Omnia Tox is a robust and scalable cloud-based Toxicology Lab Reporting Software designed & developed for Toxicology Labs & Pain Clinics that integrates a secure client portal, laboratory operations & information management. Run your toxicology practice with a modern, cloud-based system and have real-time business intelligence and analytics at your fingertips.

Omnia allows labs to choose from multiple report formats with graphical content. The reports include the panels ordered, metabolites screened, cutoff values, initial screening results, confirmatory results, interpretations.

Other great benefits of omnia's toxicology


Client or lab specific custom drug panels

We understand every lab is different and developed our Toxicology lab software to allow labs to setup their own Custom Compounds, Drug Panels and Test Profiles.


Compound Groups & Custom Test group

Create your own Compound Groups or Test Groups depending on the Tests you perform at your lab. We also give you the ability to import existing data into our system.



Every aspect of Omnia is customizable based on your lab needs. From choosing your own custom report templates to setting up your own libraries/macros and defining testing profiles, we have it all covered.