The Omnis PGX and CGX modules are tightly integrated into the Omnia LIMS. Pharmacogenomics (PGx) fits nicely within the framework of the DNA Human Identification laboratory setting. Omnia Client Portal has been expertly added into the Omnia LIMS allowing for Test requests, test progress tracking, and accessing the results.

Omnia provides the most complete and customizable molecular and genetic LIMS to support the business and science of personalized medicine. Omnia manages all of your wet lab activities – including sample management and tracking, inventory, reagent and instrument management for all pharmacogenomics testing workflows.

Other great benefits of omnia's toxicology


Built For Genetic Testing

Predefine all test and culture defaults for fast accessioning and ease of use.


Manage resources

Track samples, reagents, instruments, and inventory.



Every aspect of Omnia is customizable based on your lab needs. From choosing your own custom report templates to setting up your own libraries/macros and defining testing profiles, we have it all covered.